Self-Service Car Wash Equipment: Buy or Rent?

Nowadays, self-service car washes have become a popular type of business. At first, the idea of ​​self-washing the ceramic car coating using professional equipment for a relatively little price won the hearts of Europeans. Today, more and more people appreciate the opportunity to save money on this service, so more washing stations appear every year as a result. However, there is still a question: “What is more profitable — to buy or rent the equipment?” Let’s find the answer together.


Attractiveness for the Investor

For entrepreneurs, the main reason for starting a business in this segment is a quick payback. According to the calculations, the average profitability of the most popular contactless car wash is 83%. In other words, it will take about 1-1.5 years to return the invested funds.

At the same time, many are stopped by a fairly large amount of capital investment and, as a result, the risk of losing personal or borrowed money if the business fails. Indeed, when opening a self-service car wash with quality equipment by Fortador, you will have to solve many issues, each of which requires certain finances:

  1. purchase or lease of land — the amount depends on the region, the prestige of the location, and several other factors;
  2. design;
  3. collection of legal permits;
  4. construction of car wash facilities;
  5. purchase of other equipment for ceramic paint protection, ceramic auto coating, etc.

A separate line is the choice of professional equipment for non-contact washing. The amount of investments required depends on the size of the station (the number of posts) and the equipment. On average, this particular position is the most significant and can reach thousands of dollars


Take It for Rent!

For those who do not want to use borrowed funds or take finances from an already operating business, the modern market offers an interesting option — renting equipment for self-service car washes, alongside the ceramic coating for cars, with the possibility of its subsequent purchase. The advantages of this step are obvious:

  1. the ability to open a business with minimal spending;
  2. the ability to select the desired configuration with installation from the supplier to expand the business;
  3. clearly defined rental conditions — a fixed rental amount and the amount of the subsequent redemption.

There are no risks with a contract, and the obligation to maintain and operate the units correctly will only lead to an increase in the reliability of the self-service car wash. This means its greater profitability.


  In Conclusion

You can get equipment for a self-service car wash in two ways: by buying or renting it. Each step has its own benefits. Own equipment is not only a tool but also an investment that can always be rented or sold. Rental capacities can significantly reduce the costs of start-up investments and “earn” for their full purchase alongside other equipment for auto ceramic coating, painting, etc. In this case, who owns the equipment does not affect the efficiency of the car wash. So, why don’t you try it?

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