Price List for a Car Wash: What to Consider and How to Make It Right?

Self-service car wash management, like any business, requires well-organized financial and material accounting. Many accounting documents reflect the movement of funds. One of the main docs used when working with clients is a price list, the main task of which is to convey information about the cost of services. How to make it right? Let’s figure it out!

General Information

A price list is a simple but effective method to provide information about the services offered by the car wash. Their distribution can be carried out both by mail, by handing them out at various events, or by any other means. There are several key requirements for compiling price lists:


  • brevity;
  • simplicity and clarity;
  • visibility (including through the use of photos, graphs, etc.).


Therefore, if you provide several types of ceramic coating for cars, it is worth indicating this info in an easily readable way.

Design of the Price Lists

Each price list has a header, which contains the logo, name, and location of the car wash, and also indicates the types of services provided (cleaning, ceramic auto coating, etc.) The font should be well readable: of sufficient size and without excessive effects. The main part is a table that indicates the types of services. In one of the columns the cost is written (i.e., auto ceramic coating — $20). In the additional column, provide additional information on special features or discounts.


The bottom field reflects the peculiarities: the nuances of working on certain days (for example, discounts on Fortador washing on Mondays). In the end, short (2-3 sentences) information about the company is often presented.


If the list of services is large, they can merge on the sheet. In this case, it is better to divide the information into subgroups, with subheadings (for example, “cleaning”, “ceramic paint protection”, etc.)


On the reverse side of the price list, you can indicate the location map, opening hours, and the exact address of the car wash. You should not print price lists on low-grade paper — high-quality leaflets play an important role in the perception of a company by a potential client.

What to Include in the Price List?

Compilation of price lists does not require special layout programs: Excel or Word is enough. A complete price list should contain the whole range of services:


  • water supply;
  • the cost of chemicals for one car wash;
  • waxing;
  • ceramic car coating;
  • use of compressed air;
  • removal of insects;
  • cleaning;
  • other options.


It is important not to make adjustments to the price lists when the rates change. If the car wash becomes cheaper or a new option appears, the client may be happy to know it. If there is an increase in the cost or the service indicated in the price list is absent, you will disappoint your clients. So, the right content, simplicity, and reliability are the keys to a good list.

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