Investment In Self-Service Car Wash: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid?

Starting your own business is always a risk. Even in such an attractive venture as self-service car washes, no one can guarantee quick success. It depends on many factors: from the location of the station to the equipment configuration and marketing efforts. Despite the rather large start-up investments, the self-service car washes with ceramic car coating equipment are called the most quickly payback projects by the specialists.

Reasons for the Popularity of Self-Service Car Washes

Every auto that drives on the roads inevitably gets dirty, which means it needs ceramic paint protection and cleaning. Self-service car washes are the optimal solution for all categories of drivers. It’s possible not to overpay for those services that a person can perform on their own, and also — to pay increased attention to precisely those areas he considers the most problematic (for example, repair, ceramic coating for cars, etc.) Moreover, with the help of modern equipment, you can quickly and efficiently perform many operations:

  1. Clean the auto from dirt with warm water under pressure;
  2. Apply active foam to remove old dirt;
  3. Use compressed air and a vacuum cleaner;
  4. Cover the paint and varnish surface with warm wax instead of the ceramic auto coating;
  5. Perform other procedures depending on the configuration of the station.

Meanwhile, the time for washing one auto with the help of modern equipment is no more than 10 minutes, and the result is excellent. As practice shows, where there’s an opportunity to choose between self-service and standard washes, more and more motorists prefer the second option.

Calculating the Numbers

Any start of business is difficult and costly. When opening a self-service car wash with Fortador equipment, you will have to deal with:

  1. Land issue (purchase/lease);
  2. Design;
  3. Bureaucratic issues;
  4. Construction of buildings and structures for a car wash;
  5. Purchase of the equipment.

The costs of the land and the package of documents are different in different regions. According to experts, in large cities, it can make up a fairly significant share of total investments. Therefore, those who are considering the prospect of expanding their business are advised to build a car wash with more posts. So, it turns out to be cheaper than opening new stations.

The most popular option is the station with six posts. At the same time, it’s considered that each post can serve from 40 to 50 vehicles per day, so the daily flow will be 300 vehicles. Simple arithmetic operations will help you calculate the money you may receive. At the same time, the total cost of maintaining a car wash is on average 10-20% of the income.

The profitability of car washes with extra services like an auto ceramic coating of about 83% makes it possible to pay back the investment funds in about 1.5 years, after which the generated profit can be used to expand the business.

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