Disadvantages of Traditional Car Washes: What Cannot Be Found in Them?

During the period of the “car wash boom”, no one was interested in the concept and organization of work. Everything was very clear — in the so-called “regular stations”, the manual labor of a hired washer had been used. New trends in the cleaning business have emerged alongside new services like ceramic coating for cars.  Today the investor can choose among the regular, automatic, or self-service car washes.

  Disadvantages of the Traditional Car Wash

A few people think about what awaits them upon opening a traditional wash. However, the car wash business is not as easy as we would like it to be. Often, the wide-open gates and polite washers do not attract car owners, who for some reason avoid visiting such stations. It turns out that the only way out seems to be the most rational — to rent out or sell this unprofitable business.


However, you can also install a full range of amenities for customers, equipped with the most modern, expensive, and reliable self-service equipment by Fortador. This guarantees at least 50% of success. The other half is your employees. Who are they, and what does the owner of a traditional wash have to face?


What Troubles to Expect from a Cleaner?

1) Robbery

Sometimes, the washer disappears with money from the cashier. Where to look for this person and how to get back the stolen money are complicated issues. You can go to the police, and provide them with video proofs, but the result will be uncertain. Washers can also steal things from their colleagues or clients. This will not cause financial problems for the owner, but the environment in the team will be completely unhealthy and, accordingly, non-working.


2) Lack of experience

A beginner washer can leave scuffs or even dents on the body during the ceramic car coating. For this, he has a full arsenal of tools — a vacuum cleaner, high-pressure equipment, etc. The damage will have to be paid by the car wash owner: after all, the auto owner will not communicate with the washer on this topic.


3) Auto breaking

If the washers are allowed to park a car before the auto ceramic coating, it may cause another trouble. Usually, at the car wash, they adhere to the rule not to give keys to washers. But many regular customers like to break it. For example, a man who arrived in a Mercedes for $100 thousand would not stay in a queue for three or four hours. He gives the keys to his auto to washers and finds his auto damaged after the procedure. It also happens that, together with the auto, the entire staff disappears forever. Solving such difficult situations is extremely difficult, as a ceramic auto coating turns into large spending.

Fortunately, the self-service car wash doesn’t cause such problems, while providing all the necessary services including ceramic paint protection. The choice is yours!

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